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Like most films, the story behind Finesilver media lies within the history and background of its creator Joshua Belinfante. 'Fjainsilber' is the Polish last name of Joshua's mother's family. The family worked as tailors for the Russian army in World War 2 and immigrated to Australia in the 50s.

When they arrived in Sydney with very little, Uszer Fjainsilber set up his own tailoring business and took a risk. When the factory opened to the public a close friend hammered a single silver horseshoe on the door for luck. 

Joshua wanted to forge the family's legacy into something meaningful and use the spirit of that time to communicate stories, old and new.

Named after the silver halide crystals involved in the traditional cinema process, our work and our processes are based on the traditional way of doing things. We get stories so let us tell yours!






Joshua Belinfante, filmmaker & photographer holds an eye for the eccentric and the surreal. Joshua founded Belinfante Photography in 2010, specialising in events photography and film production. He has self-produced and assisted on numerous short films, feature films, TV shows, TVCs, music videos and stop motion animations in Australia and abroad. He has taught technical workshops at the University of Technology Sydney ('UTS') and taught industry journalists through the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism and been a casual lecturer at the New York Film Academy, Sydney and Gold Coast campus for 3 years. His recent film 'Requires Review' has screened at over 20 festivals, won numerous awards and recently had its North American Premiere at The Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. He has worked on television series for the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Channel 9 & SBS. He has had films exhibited in Australia, Asia, the USA and Europe and has won numerous awards for his work. He has a Bachelor of Communications (Media Arts Production) / Bachelor of Laws from the UTS.